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My scrapbooking consists of collecting items from travels, experiences and from topics of interest for my family and me. I'm still a work in progress in terms of getting all the material compiled. I'll share what I learn as I go along and hope you send your ideas along.

How to Start Scrapbooking to Release Stress and Increase Joy

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If you’ve been collecting clippings, photos, cards and souvenirs for years …

… if you’re tired of looking at stacks of unorganized momentos … then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…

There’s a way you can get started organizing your material … quickly, easily and happily … while watching your precious items morph into photo albums, scrapbooks, family gifts and an amazing host spectacular possessions.

  • You need to realize, there is a cost in stress, frustration and tension in not dealing with this…
  • If you don’t start scrapbooking, the boxes keep piling up and the pictures never get seen …
  • … the memories get forgotten …

What most people do when facing the mountain of memories is find another box …

… store another set of remembrances in an attic, basement or, worse yet, in the corner of a bedroom or office. But for most people, all this does is add to the feeling of failure and frustration.

Here’s an answer that works …

… invest in you … and a Scrapbooking Starter Kit. Here’s the story: years ago I had a collections of clippings, photos and momentos. I wanted to remember my life in a new location … with new friends. Now, years later, I can look at my scrapbook and remember the good times.

Now it’s your turn. Find out how you can turn a simple beginner scrapbooker kit into a collection of lifetime memories.

===> Me and My BIG IdeasMe and My BIG Ideas SRK-701 Pocket Pages Scrapbook Page Kit

  • Makes 10 complete pages
  • Themed and completely coordinated
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Combine Pocket Pages with your own imagination

Start your scrapbook by answering a few questions. To do this, you have to be a good journalist and answer the W5 and How questions.


Why do I want to spend my time learning about scrapbooking, collecting materials, and putting them into books?


I’ve been a writer for 40 years and I know that people love to read stories and look at pictures.

Scrapbooking tools for beginners

They don’t even have to know who the writer was … who the originator of the scrapbook was … BUT … to think of a specific audience … think grandchildren, great-grandchildren … future generations.

Develop your version of an Ancestry Journal.

Think Museum

When you travel you probably stop at a museum or two and look at the history of a local area or read about people you don’t know … you have a good day provided by someone saved materials a long time ago.

View your scrapbook as an entry into your family or community’s museum.


What type a scrapbook are you going to prepare? Do some research and determine what your first book will look like, what materials you need, and then start.

If you’re truly interested in scrapbooking, your hobby and your resources will grow.


Scrapbooking family toolsDo you have a location … work area … where you can store your material and easily get to work and keep working. Find that spot so you can easily and quickly spend a few minutes at a time scrapbooking.

Your Me and My BIG Ideas Pocket Pages Scrapbook Page Kit will be there waiting for you …


Someday just doesn’t cut it. We all know that if we schedule activities we are more likely to start and then complete them.

Your passion for scrapbooking needs to have time in your schedule.


How are you going to sift through all the information on scrapbooking and make the right decisions for you?

Don’t worry about the right decisions, just make a decision to start with the basics and keep going.


If you’ve already visited a scrapbooking store and have seen all the papers, glues, photos, words, and the myriad of other tools, you just may be feeling overwhelmed. Forget the overwhelm, just start.

Start Small

If you’ve answered the questions above, you’ll have some focus for the topic of your scrapbooking. Write down your ideas, put them in the order you want to proceed, and take the first step.


As a writer, I start every project by brainstorming. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small email or a longer article, brainstorming gets me organized and started.

  • Grab a piece of paper or a new page on your computer document
  • Write or type
  • Use words, phrases, great ideas, ridiculous ideas
  • Look at your list, sit back, read your ideas
  • Start organizing
  • Grab the ideas that appeal to you for your new scrapbooking project
  • Start

You may have heard many time … a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Your scrapbooking journey starts when you take your first action.

Final Thoughts

Me and My BIG Ideas Pocket Pages Scrapbook Page Kit

This is what’s referred to as an Evergreen Product. It’s been used for years and will continue to be used to get new scrapbookers going.

Take action RIGHT NOW to collect and share your memories.

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Me and My BIG Ideas Pocket Pages F.A.Q

Q: Where do I buy Me and My BIG Ideas Pocket Pages?

A: You can get it directly through this link.<==

Q: How do I know what paper is best?

A: The Rocket Pages Starter Kit will introduce you to some standard types of paper. As your knowledge grows you’ll feel confident to experiment with other products.

Q: What’s the greatest pitfall I need to avoid as a beginner?

A: Most people fail or stop when they try to tackle too much. Choose your first theme/book or subject area and experience success before you move to a new area.

Good luck and here’s to great success with your new venture.

Garth Roberts